Nerds Rope Bite


Nerds Rope Bite

These nerds rope bite Gummy Edibles are a discreet, healthy, and pure way to enjoy the benefits of medical cannabis, hemp, or CBD. Nerd Rope is an edible medication, which contains THC and CBD.

The Nerd Rope Bites is a cannabis-infused gummy that delivers a high dosage of THC. In fact, this gummy pack contains more than 600mg of THC so you’ll feel it after only one piece. Filled with THC oil, this treat is perfect for adults over 21 looking for a quick and convenient way to get their daily dose of medicine.

It’s the next generation of nerd rope, designed to be easily popped in your mouth and chewed for about 30 minutes. The rope is infused with a dose of THC that provides a strong high lasting several hours.

Medicated Nerds Rope Bites

The Nerds rope bite is a delicious treat and a discreet way to dose. We offer medicated nerds gummy clusters that are quick, convenient, and perfect for adults who want to experience the benefits of marijuana. Now there is no more surfing for questioning where to buy nerds rope or THC nerd rope near me. Our products deliver a high dosage of THC and our ropes contain 600mg of THC in each piece so you’ll get the dosage you need just by eating one. Made with THC oil, these edible snacks are an easy way for people to experience marijuana.


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